About Mahboob


Mahboob Bolandi is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and a passionate Iranian-Canadian community leader, a social activist and engaged citizen. With over 20 years of experience in engineering, teaching, networking and community building, Mahboob’s aspirations drive his ambitions as a productive Iranian-Canadian. He graduated from Sharif University of Technology (aka MIT of Iran) in Materials Science and Engineering and subsequently became a full time faculty member at IAU university for four years. Mahboob moved to Canada in 2008 for PhD studies at McMaster University in Materials Engineering. His journey into the world of entrepreneurship began soon after graduating from McMaster university. Over the course of the next decade in Canada, Mahboob has founded nearly 10 startups in different industries such as;

•  Karafarin Canada, Since 2016
•  AlazTech Inc., Innovative Fire Suppression Technology, Since 2019 (Patent Pending)
•  ORBiT Conf (Annual Entrepreneurship Conference), Since 2017

• …


Mahboob enjoys making new connections and helping others grow in their social and professional life. He has worn many hats throughout his dynamic career giving him the unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary social and professional projects to tackle complex challenges. Bolandi has also accumulated invaluable hands on experience in managing non-profits and over the past decade, he has been in directing role of several professional, cultural and community organizations in Canada. These include successful public organizations such as;

•  iBRIDGES, Member of the Board of Directors & President of Canada Chapter: Since 2019
•  TIRGAN, Member of the Board of Directors & Senior Adviser at Funding Dep.: Since 2015
•  Canadian Society of Iranian Engineers (MOHANDES), Chairman & President of the 30th Board of Directors: 2014-2018
•  Sharif University of Technology Association-Toronto (SUTA), Vice President: Since 2015
•  Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), Member of PINs Advisory board: 2017-2018
•  TRIEC, Member of PINs Speakers Bureau: Since 2018

If you wish to talk to Mahboob about your great startup idea, collaboration on startups, investment, or for a game of soccer or volleyball, you can surely find a way…